2018 Labor Day Weekend Festival

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To all new artisans applying for the first time, welcome and know that the Vineyard Artisans have an open enrollment feature. You may apply any time of year.

To all returning artisans thanks for making the last show the success it was!  You are the greatest representatives of hand-made art on the Island. Thank you all and I look forward to working with all of you.

Remember: Friday night is opening night, and will be open to the general public. On Friday night there is Free Parking, then Fri & Sat there is a parking fee of $2.

Jurying: This jury process was the basis for your acceptance in to the show. All work was judged on the basis of design, technical skills, originality and creativity.

For more information on refunds, booths, etc. Please read the rules.

Security: Will be provided on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Sales Tax: It is the exhibitors responsibility to collect and pay to the state.

Show set-up: Friday from 12:00 until we open at 5:00 for our opening, we close at 8:00. Call me if you have a problem with this time and I will try to arrange a better time for you. After you set up, you must move your car to the designated area behind the orange fence, or where ever the parking plan is at the time.

Show hours: Friday 5:00-8:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Both days.

Important: do not move your car or break down before 5:00 pm on Sunday, the show has to maintain a certain standard. Also do not leave boxes or trash anywhere in the hall or on the grounds. You may dispose of your trash in the large dumpster outside the kitchen door.

You must bring all tables, chairs, props, and display units for your products. I advise you to bring someone to relieve you during the show.

Space restriction: Your entire display must be within the confines of your space as allocated. Your access or that of your customers cannot encroach on a neighboring display. All boxes, etc. should be stored out of sight. Tables should have a neat appearance with front and sides closed in. You must remain at your booth for the duration of the show, and may not move your vehicle near the barn or tent before the show has officially ended.

Parking / Unloading and loading: Please pay special attention to this because it is a privilege to be at the Agricultural Hall. Cars driven fast on the grassy areas dig into the soft ground and the Ag Society has asked us to be more careful about how we drive (especially when the ground is wet) to set up and break down. No one may drive their vehicles to the back of the barn by the horse ring or the front of the hall outside the kitchen. No one may pull up the handicap ramp to the front doors, and do not move any cones.

Parking fee: Is still $2.00, with the exception of vendors themselves. Parking fee is for our Scholarship fund, and benefits students of all the Martha’s Vineyard High Schools.

Questions and more information: Call show manager Andrea Rogers. Day of show questions only, call cell 508-221-5406 otherwise, call Andrea at home 508-693-7927. or Email: artisan02557@yahoo.com. Or write to P. O. Box 774, Oak Buffs, MA 02557.

Apply for this Show