2018 Exempt Artisans Application

Please print, fill out completely, sign, and return this form with the individual show applications, along with your payment/checks for each festival.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

Town: _____________________________________ State:___________ Zip: __________

Phone:________________________ *Email: ______________________________________

Website: ____________________________________________________________________

*Very important as I am compiling a complete list so all future correspondence can be done via e-mail. Please write clearly!

Check the Shows that you are booking

You will also need to print, fill out, sign, and mail corresponding individual Show Applications to Andrea.
☐ Memorial Day
☐ Sundays in June
☐ Thursdays in July
☐ Sundays in July
☐ Thursdays in August
☐ Sundays in August
☐ Labor Day Weekend
☐ Sundays in September
☐ Columbus Day Show
☐ Thanksgiving Weekend

All work will be judged on the basis of design, technical skill, originality and creativity and, all must be handmade. Each applicant will be given points in these areas and the top scorers in each category will be chosen for the show.

Copy and fill out this page for each category you are applying to. Then, please fill out the separate show applications for each show you are applying to and attach checks for each one.

Check Media Categories

Maximum of 3 (see category descriptions)

☐ Botanicals
☐ Basketry
☐ Book Arts
☐ Ceramics
☐ Clothing/ Wearables
☐ Digital Art
☐ Drawing
☐ Fiber Arts
☐ Furniture
☐ Glass
☐ Jewelry-beadwork
☐ Jewelry-metalsmithing
☐ Jewelry-wampum
☐ Jewelry-mixed media
☐ Home furnishings
☐ Leather Arts
☐ 2D Mixed Media
☐ 3D Mixed Media
☐ Painting – Oil/Acrylic
☐ Painting – Watercolor
☐ Photography
☐ Printmaking
☐ Sculpture
☐ Wood Crafts
☐ Youth
☐ Novelty
☐ Special Visiting Artisan

Application Fee

Application fees are non refundable. Please enclose a separate check for application fee made payable to the VINEYARD ARTISANS FESTIVALS.

☐ One show/One category: $25.00
☐ One show/Mutliple categories: $30.00
☐ Multiple shows/one category: $30.00
☐ Multiple shows/multiple categories: $40.00

Liability: The Vineyard Artisans Festivals will provide security at night only in the Labor Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend shows, however, with or without security, each crafts-person exhibits at his or her own risk. VAF will not be responsible for damage, theft, or loss of an individuals work. As an exhibitor at VAF, you expressly waiver any and all liability of every kind which you may have against the said VAF.

Rule Acknowledgment: I have read all the rules in this application, and in the Guidelines & Rules, and agree to abide by them. I understand that failure to abide by these rules may result in my being removed from the show and denied future participation in the Vineyard Artisans Festivals. I also assume full responsibility for my self and any property I may bring on the premises and will not hold neither the Vineyard Artisans Festivals nor Andrea Rogers liable for damages and or theft that may occur in conjunction with or at these Fairs, including set up and breakdown times.

Eligibility & Residency: I have read and agree that I meet both the eligibility AND residency requirements.

Signed: _________________________________________ Date: ___________


☐ Completed Season Application for Exempt Artisans
☐ Completed individual show applications for each show plus payments for each
☐ Non refundable check for the application fee