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Debra specializes in evocative panoramic landscape and seascape photography, as well as original encaustic and pastel paintings.

Warren’s peaceful yet vividly colored original pastel paintings prominently feature local landscapes, seascapes, iconic buildings and scenes created from his imagination.

A treasure trove of Fine Art of Martha’s Vineyard; Martha’s Vineyard Fine Art Photography, original pastel paintings, and original fine art encaustic paintings may be found here in this one gallery. All of their fine art images are created, designed & inspired on the island of Martha’s Vineyard; either on site, plein aire or right there in their studio.

At Play

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Lisa, L.A.Brown, started photographing when she was 12. At that young age she knew how to capture the essence of a scene. She surrounded herself with art mediums like oil painting, etching, silk-screening, ceramics, and drawing, which were all instrumental to the development of her sensitivity for texture, color, shape, design each medium honed her vision.

Born in Morristown Memorial, Lisa went to Kent Place School where she lived in the art studio. Lisa moved on to Providence College as an art major, with a BA in photography; Lisa began to soar. The next several years she traveled extensively through Europe, inspired by all it offered and the desire to photograph a myriad of subjects, Lisawas in self exploration.. Wanting to gain more in depth knowledge of the field of photography, she attended The New England School of Photography, in Boston.She surrounded herself in the pursuit of technique and honed her visioning. Which resulted in a received a degree with honors in editorial photography and color projects.

The quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson strikes a cord with Lisa and her photography is intuitive. In any given moment she feels the light, movement and space of a scene that allows her to best capture the image. She truly feels the essence of a moment before her and in that instant lets go to an impulse guiding the creative choices. The use of a particular lens, a certain stance, or being inspired by the quality of the light; gives Lisa’s photographic eye and connectedness to the unfolding moment; that guides Lisa to the soul of an image. Her patrons, often comment on Lisa’s ability to see what others miss and capture each scene evoking a beyond this world experience.

At this time in her career, Lisa not only handles amazing jobs in the  weddings and portraits realm but also, she travels around the country showing her photography and is being purchased for private collections.  For 35 years, Martha’s Vineyard has been essential to Lisa’s creativity, despite many photographic adventures around the world, she continues to make Martha’s Vineyard her home. She finds joy in discovering of a simple truth that leaves a lasting impression.

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These fine hand crafted ceramics will bring grace to your home and table. They also make exceptional gifts. Each piece is singularly formed, fired, and signed by the artist. Lisa has been creating on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard for over twenty years.


Clean.  Geometric.  Handmade.

Contemporary mixed metal jewelry for the discerning eye.   Featuring diverse collections for both men and women.

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